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Feeling Overwhelmed?
My story of survival...

My mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage people to have hope, resilience and a positive perspective in their life.

  • Inspiring Author

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Aspiring Entrepreneur

  • Holistic Wellness Consultant


I grew up in Cambodia. For 4 years I was held captive by the Khmer Rouge Communist and endured very harsh working conditions. I worked very long hours in the rice fields under the intense hot sun. I lived with very little food or sleep which made me very sick and I contracted several diseases.  When I got too sick to work, I was sent to a death camp, waiting to die. 

I prayed every day for God to help me. He gave me the courage to attempt a dangerous escape with 3 of my trusted friends and we made it out.

In 4 years, about 2 million people died of homicide, diseases & starvation.  That’s the Killing Fields of Cambodia, like the mass genocide of the Jewish in World War II.

My friend, no matter what you are facing in your life and your business, if you persevere, you can also overcome any obstacle. Call me to explore the ways that I can help you to destroy any roadblock you are facing.

I am Sara Im and I survived the brutal Killing Fields of Cambodia


Beyond Survival

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