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Discover How To Transform Your Pain Into Renewed Purpose

      During a 30-minute zoom session, you will:

       1. Explore strategy to reframe your thoughts.

       2. Discover stress coping tools to overcome your life struggles.

       3. Find ways to work together to help you be resilient & thrive.


Sara Im grew up in Cambodia. She endured 4 years of captivity
and survived the Mass Genocide that claimed two Million lives. She is an award-winning author of an inspirational book “How I Survived the Killing Fields”.

Sara graduated from Western Connecticut State University. She is a member of Women Speakers Association, and a founder & director of Christian Professionals Network of Tampa Bay.


Sara operates her own wellness business, Smart Healthy Living.
Sara speaks to inspire and encourage her audience at corporate events, conferences, churches, schools, podcasts, and more.


Sara lives in Florida, and she just celebrated her 33 years of


Sara Im

Devin K. Floyd

"Sara gave her presentation for a non-profit that I help run in NY. She has become a great story teller, and had our members hanging on her every word. Her story was very inspiring to the group, and it help several people put things and events in their own lives into perspective. I highly recommend bringing Sara in to speak for your group, company, or organization."

Doris Norritto

"Sara Im speaks with courage and conviction about her personal experiences in overcoming difficult challenges. With her ability to motivate she gives positive strategies for success and inspires a desire to move forward."

Sharon Velenti

"Sara shares a very powerful message to the public of moving from trauma to a healthy lifestyle. She has a captivating story (literally) and through her own experiences has grown into a phenomenal coach and speaker. If you need a speaker to motivate others from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset, Sara is your go-to lady. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of experience to any stage as a presenter."

Beyond Survival

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