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How I Survived the Killing Fields
A Story of Hope, Love and Determination

It’s an inspirational book as the author shares her compelling true story which follows her tranquil journey as a young girl that grew up in Cambodia. The journey of her young age through her early college years, until that fateful day when she was pushed, as with others into hiding and eventually caught in a horrific and tragic event called: the Killing Fields. Over two million people perished during this four years tyranny. She walks you through the darkest days of her life until she came out to the light again. Once you read her book, your perspective on life will be positively changed.

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Holistic Approach:

Buy this fascinating book and read Sara's chapter where she shared how she overcame her health challenges.

Personal Stories of Triumph and Transformation Through Mind, Body and Spirit is a must read for anyone who struggles with

the current state of healthcare, feels frustrated with doctors and insurance companies, and seeks natural solutions to getting well and

feeling better. Each chapter shares the personal story of how the author overcame a physical or emotional challenge using a Holistic Approach.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this book will give you the inspiration and motivation to take control of your health and

live a happier, healthier life.


The stories shared in this book include alternative healing and preventive therapies for a variety of concerns including cancer,

addiction, hormone balance, longevity, and much more.


Learn first-hand how these authors used diet and nutrition, herbs, bodywork, mindfulness and other natural health solutions to achieve balance and well-being.

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Beyond Survival

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