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Let Me Inspire Your Group

If you are planning an event, either virtual or in person, I love to learn more about it.  I would

love to explore the opportunity to work with you to help by adding my speaking service to your event.

Contact me with all details of your event. I can provide a quoted fee and we can get you scheduled. 

More about the Author and Speaker 

A few of Sara's most popular topics:

Unshakable Confidence

How to unlock your inner resilience and turn stress into success.


Road to Resilience

You and your team will be inspired, motivated, boost your confidence and elevate your courage to take

meaningful actions. You will gather amazing tools to reinforce your perseverance and optimize

your resilience to cope better with life and live a fulfilling life harmoniously.

Finding Peace and Resilience

You and your team will be encouraged and inspired to discover ways to restore your

resources, rejuvenate your soul and be at peace, positive and productive.

You will discover the source of strength, faith, hope and health.

From Stress to Thriving

Sara will inspire and guide you and your team to cope with your areas of stress positively.  

Therefore, you can become confident, resilient, and ready to thrive in life or business.

Find Hope in the Midst of Adversity!

You and your team will be inspired as Sara shares her true story how she find hope and overcame her

adversity in life in the mass genocide in Cambodia ruled by regime in the 1970’s that claimed 2 Million lives.

Personal Leadership to Succeed

You will learn important keys of personal leadership that lead you to reach your dream. 

We cannot lead others unless we can lead ourselves.  Leadership is 80% mental and 20% skills.

Sara will share how she used her personal leadership to overcome her adversity and escape.

How I Survived the Killing Fields

Sara will share her amazing journey, her tenacity, her attitude and faith that help her endure in

the Killing fields in Cambodia during the regime that claimed 2 Million lives in the 1970’s.

Tel: 727-512-3017


Thank you! I will be in touch!

Beyond Survival

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