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I  met Sara a few years ago at our Women's Bible Study group.  When we broke into small groups, I got to know Sara as she shared parts of her life story.  I saw how her faith had given her the strength to persevere through horrendous suffering in Cambodia as a young college student.  When Sara's book was published, I attended her book signing event.  There she shared, in more depth, the challenges and difficulties she endured. She talked about how the love of her family and her faith in God helped her to cope.  Shortly afterward, I read Sara's book about how she survived the Killing Fields, and later asked her to share her story with our Bible Study group.  They were all impacted by Sara's trials, but more importantly, inspired by the strength and resilience she exhibited through the Lord's intervention in her pain. Finally, I recently attended a workshop Sara coordinated, called "Smart, Healthy Living."  This day-long event was filled with practical information on many areas of health. Once again, I heard Sara speak and share her testimony.  This was now the fifth exposure to Sara's life story I had.  I realized each time I was more and more affected... not just by words of her suffering and survival, but more by seeing who Sara has become in spite of, or perhaps because of, all she has endured.  This last experience brought me to tears when I hugged Sara, because of whom she had become, through God's grace and her own desire to live a positive life of love.  Sara exemplifies the work of God in her life. 

Karen Eberts

St. Pete, Florida

This book will make you laugh, cry, and you will definitely be moved. It is a beautiful story of hope, love, determination, and courage. Once you read this book, your life will be changed forever. Once I started this book, I could not put it down. It was amazingly written and captivating. The story is beautiful and this is one book everyone should own.

Kat Krischke

Madeira Beach, Florida

I'd like to tell you about my wonderful and amazing new friend Sara Im. I met her at a networking event recently. She was so friendly and it was obvious she was well liked and respected. I heard somebody make a reference to a book she wrote and I asked her about it. She allowed me to take a look at the copy she had with her.  I started to read a story that broke my heart. I could not quit reading. I finally looked at her in awe and asked how old she was and how long her terrible journey lasted. She was in her 20's and was held captive for 4 long years. I could not believe this sweet, humble lady had actually lived thru this and yet was so positive. I cannot tell you the impact this book had on me. The book is How I Survived the Killing Fields: A Story of Hope, Love and Determination. If you never read another book please read this one. It's a short easy read and is life changing. If you'd like to order please PM her or me and I'll help. If nothing else please borrow my copy. I promise you'll be glad you did.”

Debbie More Lord

St. Petersburg, Florida

Sara’s Health and Wellness Conferences were a wake up call for me.  I knew I needed to make some changes in my life and was not sure how.  Her conferences gave me some practical tips that I could begin applying the next day.  It helped me to prepare healthier meals for my family, commit to an exercise routine and inspired me to make other lifestyle changes throughout the upcoming year. When I am tempted to think that life is too hard, I think of Sara Im.   She is a modern day heroine in her own story.  Sara endured many trials and never stopped believing that she would see her family and escape from the killing fields.   Her speech inspired me to believe that nothing is impossible with God!

Melonie Benjamins

St. Pete, Florida

Sara Im is an inspiration.  I so appreciate Sara's life story.  A legal immigrant who escaped the killing fields in Cambodia.  When she tells about how badly they treated her and others, how dangerous things were, and how God answered her prayers, it fills my heart with love. Knowing that He helped her get food so she could get healthy and escape, it helps me be thankful for all that I have. It helps me be thankful for this country and thankful that Sara is here to share her life with us. She has helped so many. Sara has a deep love for her family and for others.   She gathers good people to her events.  Her events are fun and a resource for health, hope and happiness.  Sara is truly a blessing to many!

Adele Brown

Largo, Florida

I have read “How I Survived The Killing Fields” by Saroeup Im and I must say it has been one of the most inspiring stories I have ever read.  When I attended Sara's book signing event, I was able to witness many people touched by her story. Sara portrays a horrible life experience that was conquered by love and resilience.  It is a reminder for all of us that in the darkest nights … there is hope when we have faith and love. I will recommend this book to anyone who feels that life is treating them unfairly or someone who just wants to enrich their soul by experiencing the love that Sara has and shares.

Rocio Delgado

Largo, Florida

Her book is a poignant and meaningful portrayal of survival in days of Communist takeover in Cambodia, which she barely made it and lived through!  Very few of us can even imagine what it would be like and I'd love to see it become a movie. She is very inspiring to survive and come out of all that, thriving!! Surely God is with her.

Trudy Adams

Seminole, Florida

I was going to write you tonite, but got caught up in reading your book as I sat eating my supper----couldn't stop until I was done.  Oh, my goodness, what you have gone thru!!   Your life gives new meaning to the term---persistence thru persecution.  I honor you for all you have accomplished in spite of your health challenges, cruelty shown by your captors, and unending travels.
It was my pleasure to meet and talk with you-I'm sure our paths will cross again soon.

Sue Heath

Odessa, Florida

"How I Survived The Killing Fields"  a book of love, courage, resilience, and a testimony of faith.  Anyone who feels overwhelmed by their daily issues should read this book, Sara walks with you through it and once you finish reading it, you will be ready to count your blessings.  A must read!!!!

Celia Wilcox

Largo, Florida

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